Hello and welcome

I am Reyhan, an artist from Germany, and I am happy that you found my homepage.

If you are like me a big fan of dragons, Egyptian gods and many other fantasy creatures, than you are at the right place! My characteristic is the representation of well-known mythical creatures and figures from different mythologies in my own interpretation. But at the moment I am mainly occupied with the Egyptian gods.

In my shop you will find many merchandising articles, which I design myself. From high-quality prints of my work, self-produced manga and artbooks, everyday objects such as cups, notepads or pencil cases, to accessories such as acrylic pendants and pins, everything is there. The assortment is regularly extended, so it's always worthwhile to drop by here or to keep your eyes open at my social media portals ; )

You can also find many tips and tricks about drawing in the FAQ-section and many of my own works and fanarts in the gallery!

Now I wish you lots of fun browsing <3


Conventions 2020:

Hanami 9. - 10. Mai ← Next!
Dokomi 23. - 24. Mai
Japantag 16. Mai

Noch unsicher:

Animagic 31. Juli. - 2. August
Gamescom 25. - 29. August
Connichi 4. - 6. September