Fable Clash! DAYS


The everyday life of the two dragons Ao Shun and Ddraig Goch is anything but exciting: they are allways searching for the magical Sphera, which secures their existence. When they finally discover a new source of their life energy, a fairy of a special kind interferes with their plans...




  • This manga is in German only!
  • This manga is a spin-off and NOT the sequel of FABLE CLASH!

Published: 03.2017
Price: 7,00 €

Breath of Color
A Mini-Artbook containing a collection of small-format and experimantel Illustrations on 66 pages.

Published: 03.2017
Price: 22,00 €

Reyhan's Art Collection

My first Artbook. It contains 150 pages with colored illustrations, sketches and many character and monsterdesigns from 2005 to 2015.

Erschienen: 09.2015
Preis: 42,00 €

Fable Clash!

My second self published Manga, which was newly published by PYRAMOND in 2017.



Yasin firmly believes in the existence of mythical creatures.

He is particularly fond of dragons and as crazy as it sounds, his biggest dream is to make friends with a real dragon one day. Yasin is quite astonished when he receives a special visitor one night. Is this the first step towards fulfilling his dream?


Additional info:


  • This manga is in German only
  • Anubis, my most popular character, appears in this manga. So if you want to know more about him, you should definitely take a look ; )

Published: 03.2015
(New edition 2017)
Price: 8,00 €


My first selfpublished Manga, which was newly published by PYRAMOND in 2017.





The candy researcher Thilo has finally managed to create a living lollipop. But this lollipop seems to be very stubborn and then, of all people, a cyborg who hates sweets attacks his beloved gingerbread laboratory.


This manga is in German only!

Published: 03.2014
(New edition 2017)
Price: 7,00 €

Grimms Manga Special Edition

For this speicial Manga anthology I contributed my interpretation of the fairy tale "Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten" as a 22-page short story.


This manga is in German only!

Published: 08.2011

Publisher: TOKYOPOP
Price: 6,50 €


My first published Manga.


The young Auru leaves his village on behalf of a sinister lord to find a mysterious stone. During his journey, on which he is accompanied by his dragon Kita, Auru encounters not only a pretty but moody witch and a frightening giant spider, but also a broom in human form... And so this adventure becomes much more turbulent than Auru could ever have imagined!


This manga is in German only!

Published: 03.2008

Publisher: TOKYOPOP
Price: 6,50 €

Manga-Fever Volume 1
This manga anthology contains my very first professional publication. I contributed "The Manga Freaks" as a 24-page short story.


This manga is in German only!



Published: 01.2005

Publisher: TOKYOPOP